Accused Gunman In Oakland Massacre Tells CBS 5 He’s ‘Deeply Sorry’

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OAKLAND (CBS 5) — The man charged with shooting seven people to death at a Christian college in Oakland last week said he is "deeply sorry" but acknowledged "that word doesn't help."

In an exclusive jailhouse interview with CBS 5, the alleged killer, One L. Goh, appeared shaken and remorseful.

"Families are so angry with me," said Goh, who was interviewed by reporter Juliette Goodrich at the Santa Rita Jail in Dublin. "(But) if I tell them sorry, it doesn't bring anybody back."

Goh, who declined to enter a plea in his April 4 arraignment, said his lawyer had told him not to discuss the case in detail. But he made no effort to dispute allegations that he was the gunman who entered the campus of Oikos University on April 2 and shot 10 people, seven of whom died.

According to police and witnesses, Goh ordered students in a nursing class to line up against a classroom wall and shot them, one-by-one, with a .45 caliber pistol.

"I have a lawyer, and I have told him everything," Goh said. "He advised me not to talk, but I am sorry."

In contrast to other inmates in the jailhouse interview room, who chatted animatedly with relatives and friends, Goh sat dejectedly with his head in his arms. It was the first time Goh had spoken to the media since his arrest.

The South Korea native moved to the United States as a boy and later moved to Oakland. He entered Oikos to study nursing, but was asked to leave the school in November 2011, in the wake of disciplinary issues. According to some accounts, Goh had unsuccessfully been demanding that the school refund his tuition.

"I was going to be a nurse," said Goh, 43, who spoke English clearly, despite accounts that he had struggled with the language and was embarrassed by his lack of fluency. "I was studying to be a nurse … but it didn't happen. It is complicated to explain."

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Photo caption: One Goh (AP Photo/Alameda County Sheriff's Dept. via The San Francisco Chronicle); Oikos shooting aftermath (AP/ Jeff Chiu)

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