Washington Redskins trading for No. 2 pick?

Mark J. Miller
Scoop Du Jour

The Washington Redskins are in need of a quarterback and their name has been rumored to be in the mix if the Indianapolis Colts decide to set quarterback Peyton Manning free. If he joined Washington, he'd get to face off against his brother twice a season.

However, it remains unclear what will happen with the Colts and Manning, so the 'Skins may move forward and try another avenue. ESPN reports that execs around the league "expect Washington to make a move" to try and trade for the No. 2 draft pick that the St. Louis Rams now own.

With that pick, the Redskins would select whatever quarterback is available, the site notes, between Stanford's Andrew Luck and BYU's Robert Griffin III, who won the Heisman Trophy this past season. (At this point, it looks like Griffin would be the one available with Luck going to the Colts, the site notes.)

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