Tim Wakefield wants one more year with Red Sox

Mark J. Miller
Scoop Du Jour

Free agent knuckleballer Tim Wakefield made his big-league debut back in 1992 and has won 200 games and struck out 2,156 batters since then. Now the 45-year-old two-time World Series champ is saying that he'd like to play for the Boston Red Sox for at least one more season before hanging up his hat for good.

"I just saw that (Jorge) Posada retired, you know it's something that my wife and I need to talk about," Wakefield said, according to FloridaToday.com. "I'd probably need to talk about it with my kids, too. Ultimately, I would like to obviously play for the Boston Red Sox for one more year and see where it goes."

Wakefield, who has been with the Sox since 1995, has met with new Sox manager Bobby Valentine, the site notes, and told him that he'd like to return. "I introduced myself and told him I hope to get a chance to play for him this year," Wakefield said, the site notes.

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