Ravens’ Ray Lewis not retiring

Linebacker Ray Lewis has been with the Baltimore Ravens since being drafted in the first round back in 1996. The 36-year-old was quick to let reporters know Sunday that his team's loss to the New England Patriots in the AFC title game doesn't close any doors for him.

"Is this my last game as a Raven? Absolutely not," Lewis said, according to the Baltimore Sun. "Let me answer that question before somebody asks it."

Lewis was out for four games earlier in the season due to a toe injury, but he was really back in form for the game against the Pats, tallying 12 tackles.

"God has never made a mistake. Ever," Lewis said, according to the Sun. "Somebody is going to feel like this tomorrow, and somebody is going to feel like this in two weeks in the Super Bowl. And whomever wins it, that's their year. That's a fact, and there ain't nothing nobody else can do about it. That's the irony of sports. There is a winner, there's a loser, and when you lose, you've got to suck it up like a man and say 'You know what, Father? If it's your will, so be it. As a man you got to keep moving, and a team keep building, remembering this taste."

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