Rangers not dealing Koji Uehara

Mark J. Miller
Scoop Du Jour

The American League champion Texas Rangers tried to ditch reliever Koji Uehara via trade all offseason but couldn't seem to work out a deal for the fella who, after having a good season with the Baltimore Orioles and Texas, completely imploded in the postseason, compiling a 33.75 ERA in 1.1 innings worth of work.

It appears that the team will be heading into the season with Uehara still on the roster (and that isn't such a bad thing). "There are always some deals in the spring, moves here or there," GM Jon Daniels said Tuesday, according to MLB.com. "But we're ready to go with this group of guys. I have no moves planned or anything like that."

Uehara, who struck out 65 in 85 innings last year, has another year left on his deal and will be paid $4 million for the season.

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