Pirates and Yankees still working on A.J. Burnett deal

Mark J. Miller
Scoop Du Jour

Momentum for a deal between the Pittsburgh Pirates and New York Yankees that would send A.J. Burnett to western Pennsylvania "stayed strong" Monday night, according to the New York Post.

"The teams remained apart both on dollars and the type of prospects that would be included," the paper reports.

The Post notes that the Yanks are also talking to two other teams about Burnett as well, but clearly see the Pirates as the best match for the righty.

The Pirates are up for paying $10 million of the $33 million owed to Burnett over the next two seasons, the paper notes, and will send the Yanks two prospects. The players being offered aren't very exciting to the Yankees at this point, the paper notes, but the team would be more open to such players if the Pirates were willing to shell out more than $13 million of Burnett's salary.

With six other starters on the roster, the Yanks would like to unload Burnett before the season gets underway.

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