No-trade clause holding up Ryan Zimmerman’s extension?

Mark J. Miller
Scoop Du Jour

Ryan Zimmerman's family lives in Virginia and the 27-year-old has said that he'd like to finish up his career with the Washington Nationals. But right now he's got two years left on his contract and he has imposed a deadline of Saturday to work out a new contract or let it go until the end of the season.

The Washington Post reports that the two sides were trying to hammer out a deal Thursday, but there are "multiple major hurdles" still in the way of making it happen. The biggest of those, the Post reports, is whether or not to give Zimmerman a full no-trade clause, something the team wouldn't do for any player under former team president, Stan Kasten.

"We're working extremely hard at it," GM Mike Rizzo said, according to the Post. "When both sides want something and they're working at it, yeah, I'm hopeful. . . . We've got a player who wants to be in Washington, a GM and an ownership that wants him here. We're working hard to get one of our franchise players signed here for the long term."

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