NBA returning to Seattle?

Mark J. Miller
Scoop Du Jour

It's been four years since Kevin Durant and the Seattle SuperSonics left town and became the Oklahoma City Thunder. Now the Emerald City is looking to bring another team to the Northwest.

The Associated Press reports that "the city of Seattle has been working behind the scenes the past eight months with a hedge-fund manager to bring an NBA team back to town." This could happen next fall if the Sacramento Kings don't like the deal offered for a new arena in that city, the AP notes.

The man behind all this is 44-year-old Christopher Hansen, a hedge-fund manager and Seattle native who now lives in San Francisco, the wire service reports. He "approached the city about his desire to buy an NBA team and build an arena south of Safeco Field," where the Seattle Mariners play, the AP notes.

"I really appreciate it and look forward to making this happen in Seattle. I genuinely mean that and am confident that with a little effort and creativity we can find a solution that meets our needs and the City's/State's desire to get a team back to Seattle without a large public outlay," Hansen wrote in an email last June to the chief of staff of Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn as well as the mayor's director of policy and operations, the AP notes.

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