Michael Cuddyer leaning toward rejoining Twins

Mark J. Miller
Scoop Du Jour

When the offseason got started, Michael Cuddyer made a trip to visit the Philadelphia Phillies and it briefly seemed like he would be the man supplanting Raul Ibanez there. Now it looks like he'll be sticking around the Twin Cities.

The Denver Post reports that Cuddyer is "leaning toward staying" with the Minnesota Twins for the next three seasons and $25 million. The Colorado Rockies were trying to woo Cuddyer as well and would also offer three years, "but ownership appears reluctant to extend a $30 million offer," according to the Post.

The Rockies are also interested in outfielder Josh Willingham, but the Cleveland Indians are "considered the current favorite to sign the veteran," the Post reports.

Meanwhile, the Rockies non-tendered outfielder Ryan Spilborghs, making him a free agent, but also said that he may be returning to the team, the Post notes. Spilborghs has been in the organization since he was drafted in 2002.

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