Joe Torre out of Dodgers bidding

Mark J. Miller
Scoop Du Jour

The 71-year-old Joe Torre left his job with Major League Baseball to put his efforts into trying to purchase the Los Angeles Dodgers, but he and his bidding partner, Los Angeles developer Rick Caruso, have withdrawn from the process, according to the Los Angeles Times.

"Caruso and Torre cited owner Frank McCourt's refusal to include the Dodger Stadium parking lots in the sale, according to a letter, dated last Friday, that the men sent to Major League Baseball," the Times reports.

If McCourt decides to include the parking lots in the sale, Caruso and Torre are expected to get back into the bidding, the paper notes. A source to the Times says that McCourt is saying that he has at least one bid that will allow him to keep the parking lots for himself. According to the Times, McCourt plans to develop the lots. If he does that, the team's new ownership is going to have to find a new place for all those Dodgers fans to park.

Torre, of course, led the New York Yankees to four World Series titles as manager and was also the 1971 National League MVP and batting champ while with the St. Louis Cardinals.

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