Heat want to add Hornets’ Chris Kaman in March

The Miami Heat may have three of the league's biggest stars on their roster, but they have needed someone to play center effectively since last season. While the team made it all the way to the Finals, the Mavs may have topped them in last year's championship because of that weakness.

The word from Fox Sports is that the Heat are hoping to add New Orleans Hornets center Chris Kaman, whose current deal could be bought out by the Hornets after the March 15 deadline.

Kaman, of course, was banished from the Hornets for seven games while the team unsuccessfully tried to unload him earlier this season. Since nobody would take Kaman and his contract that pays him $14 million this season, the NBA-owned Hornets brought him back.

Fox reports that now "the belief is that the 7-foot Kaman … could be bought out if the Hornets end up failing to get a deal they want for him." Kaman joined the Hornets as part of the Chris Paul deal with the Los Angeles Clippers.

"If they could get him, that would solidify the championship,'' the source told Fox.

Kaman is averaging 10.9 points, 7.5 rebounds and 1.3 blocks per game this season.

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