Giants RB Brandon Jacobs open to joining Jets?

Mark J. Miller
Scoop Du Jour

New York Giants running back Brandon Jacobs is 29 years old and would like to return to the Super Bowl champs next season, but if the team decides not to keep him onboard, he says he's open to joining the New York Jets, according to the New York Times.

The paper notes that Jacobs restructured his contract last offseason in order for the team to be able to keep fellow running back Ahmad Bradshaw around. Bradshaw ended up with 171 carries for 659 yards and nine touchdowns on the season. Plus, he got to score the Super Bowl winner. Jacobs finished out the season with 152 carries for 571 yards and seven touchdowns.

"It wasn't drawn out on a paper and scripted not to give me carries," Jacobs said, according to the Times. "It's just the way things went. No one is against me. No one wanted that to happen. We were getting beat most of the time. We had to go to the air. Ahmad didn't get that many carries either."

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