Francisco Cordero joining the Orioles?

Mark J. Miller
Scoop Du Jour

Now that the Cincinnati Reds have signed Ryan Madson as their closer, reliever Francisco Cordero is still sitting out in the cold. But a door may be opening to him with the Baltimore Orioles.

The Baltimore Sun reports that the O's "have expressed some interest in the lone viable free-agent closer."

As far as active pitchers, the 36-year-old Cordero, who has been with the Reds for the last four seasons, only trails Mariano Rivera in career saves. While in Cincy, Cordero, a three-time All-Star, saved 150 games in 174 chances. Last season, he closed out 37 games in 43 chances for the 79-83 Reds.

The Sun points out that Cordero's career as a closer started in 2004 with the Texas Rangers when current Orioles manager Buck Showalter was calling the shots from behind the bench there.

According to the paper, the O's talked to the Seattle Mariners at the winter meetings in December about a possible trade for 28-year-old closer Brandon League, but that didn't work out.

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