Four teams wooing Francisco Cordero

Mark J. Miller
Scoop Du Jour

Francisco Cordero closed out 37 games for the Cincinnati Reds this past season while maintaining an ERA of 2.45. Now the free agent is looking for a job and finding that a lot of the closer spots have already been taken this offseason.

His agent, Bean Stringfellow, said he had contact from eight to 10 teams about Cordero at the start of the offseason, WEEI reports, but that number is now down to four. Three of those teams, the site notes, are the Boston Red Sox, Los Angeles Angels and Cincinnati Reds. The 36-year-old is expecting to sign a multiyear deal.

"He was very good this year," Reds GM Walt Jocketty said earlier this offseason, according to WEEI. "His numbers indicate that he pitched well. He converted most of his save opportunities. I think he actually probably pitched better this year than he did last year."

Stringfellow said that none of the interested clubs have "balked" at the idea of giving Cordero a multiyear deal and making him the closer, WEEI notes. After all, the guy has appeared in 66 or more games for the last nine seasons.

WEEI also reports that Stringfellow has gotten calls from two teams about a client who hasn't pitched in the bigs since 2010: Billy Wagner. However, it appears that Wagner will stay retired.

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