Bidding for Yoenis Cespedes about to begin

Mark J. Miller
Scoop Du Jour

Since the start of the offseason, the name of Cuban defector Yoenis Cespedes has kept coming up as someone who would soon be named a free agent, allowing major-league wallets across the land to magically open and their contents be offered to the slugging outfielder.

Now the time has come.

The word from is that Cespedes, who hit .333 with 33 homers and 99 RBIs in his homeland last year, "has established his residency in the Dominican Republic and is now waiting for approval from Major League Baseball to be declared a free agent."

So far, the Miami Marlins, Chicago Cubs, Chicago White Sox, Baltimore Orioles, Detroit Tigers and Cleveland Indians have expressed the most interest in signing him, Cespedes recently said, the site notes.

The expectation is that Cespedes will sign a more lucrative contract than the one fellow defector Aroldis Chapman signed with the Cincinnati Reds, which amounted to a six-year, $30.25 million deal, the site notes.

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