Bears starting QB Josh McCown against Packers?

Mark J. Miller
Scoop Du Jour

The Chicago Bears are going up against the Green Bay Packers this weekend and the word is that the team will be handing the ball to recently acquired quarterback Josh McCown to see if he can halt the team's four-game losing streak.

Rookie Caleb Hainie has been trying to hold down the fort since Jay Cutler fractured his thumb, but he has thrown nine interceptions and three touchdowns in the four games since then.

Sources tell the site that McCown will get the start if he does well in practice this week. McCown, though, didn't indicate to reporters that he had heard any such thing.

"We're trying to win a football game, so the best guys who give us an opportunity to do that will be on the field," Bears coach Lovie Smith said, according to the site. "No more than that."

Since the 2008 season,  McCown has thrown eight passes, two of them for completions and one for an interception.


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