Albert Pujols down to Cardinals and Marlins?

Mark J. Miller
Scoop Du Jour

How much is Albert Pujols enjoying this? It hasn't been that long since Pujols got his second taste of what it feels like to be the last team standing as his St. Louis Cardinals won its second World Series during his time with the team. Since then, he's been the toast of every town he's visited, least of all not Dallas, where baseball's winter meetings are currently taking place.

There, Pujols has received at least two 10-year offers from the free-spending Miami Marlins and Cardinals, as well as possibly from a third team, according to Yahoo! Sports' Tim Brown. ESPN has it that Pujols is making his decision between Miami and St. Louis, but it's not because other teams don't want a piece of Pujols.

USA Today reports that Pujols has three offers for 10 years and more than $200 million. One came from the Marlins Tuesday, the second came from the Cardinals as it upped its nine-month-old original offer, and the third from a "mystery" team.

Brown notes that the Los Angeles and Chicago Cubs may also be in the running for the services of the soon-to-be 32-year-old nine-time All-Star. The Washington Post has it that agents for other players "said they had heard the Angels were bidding, too."

The agent for Pujols was kept busy Tuesday as he met with teams to discuss his client, Brown notes, but no winner was clear at day's end.

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