Bwahahaha: Norv Turner is 'anxious' to get Cordarrelle Patterson more involved

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Cordarrelle Patterson, in happier times. (Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images)
Cordarrelle Patterson, in happier times. (Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images)

You guys, these are words that actually fell out of Norv Turner's mouth:

"There's things we've got in every week for Cordarrelle, and we're anxious to get him more involved. We'll keep trying to."

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Yeah, OK.

Cordarrelle Patterson has received just two offensive touches in each of his last two games, which is not the usage anyone expected. It certainly does not suggest an anxious offensive coordinator.

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In fact, since Patterson's ridiculous 67-yard touchdown run in the opener, he's received exactly one carry. Matt Asiata has 60. SIXTY. Patterson has largely served as a decorative piece of the Minnesota offense, a decoy. But he won't function well in that capacity forever, unless the Vikings occasionally remind opponents why they should account for him. 

Thus, Norv says they'll try to get him more involved. I wouldn't go so far as to call it a promise, though. I did not detect genuine anxiousness. Again, the Vikes could just HAND PATTERSON THE FOOTBALL AT ANY TIME if they cared so deeply about increasing his touches. This is still, I believe, a legal maneuver in the NFL.

So we wait.

Earlier today, I dealt Cordarrelle for C.J. Spiller in a 20-team league — a dud-for-dud swap. (The deal also involved scrap-heap QBs, but the heart of it was Patterson-for-Spiller.) If you've recently traded Patterson, feel free to share the details in comments. I'm very far from writing him off as a fantasy asset — the kid gave us nine total TDs last year, after all — but we've clearly reached a stage where WR1 upside is a far-off dream.

Really, I'd just like to see another six-touch game. The last time that happened, Patterson gained 128 yards. So perhaps Asiata can spare a couple of carries.

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