‘The Voice’ Season 6 Battles, Pt. 2: NBC, You’re as Cold as Ice

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The Battle Rounds of "The Voice" Season 6 continued apace this Tuesday, and while the episode was only an hour long, NBC sure packed a lot of heartache into that short time window. By the time the clock struck 9 p.m. and Carson Daly signed off, we'd had two Sophie's Choice (or make that Delvin Choice) battles; three annoying montages; and the bummer eliminations of two beloved contestants (or technically three contestants, since one of those eliminations was a duo).

Fortunately, there were some truly intense, truly entertaining battles that made up for all that disappointment, and made for some good TV. Let's get to the recapping, shall we?

TEAM SHAKIRA: Clarissa Serna vs. Jeremy Briggs
Shakira chose Foreigner's "Cold as Ice" for these two rock belters. I guess she was willing to sacrifice her love for one of them. Heh. And these contestants certainly were willing to sacrifice each other in battle. They were all up in each other's faces, singing their own faces off, chewing each other's faces off, etc. They almost seemed that they didn't like each other at all. But I sure liked this battle. It was all very "Rock of Ages," meaning it was awesomely over-the-top. Jeremy was a perfectly passable rock singer, but I was loving the Taylor Dayne realness that Clarissa was serving. Shakira totally made the right decision here.
WINNER: Clarissa Serna

TEAM ADAM: Caleb Elder vs. Delvin Choice
It was the donut shop worker vs. the Starbucks barista, and this pairing left a bad taste in my mouth. Why? Because ONCE AGAIN, Adam Levine pitted two of his best contestants against each other. Why does Adam always do this? Caleb and Delvin were two of my Team Adam favorites. To be honest, though, both of them disappointed me in this battle — and they probably disappointed their guest mentor, Aloe Blacc, whose song "The Man" they sort of ruined. The song was way too challenging for either of them, and they noticeably struggled to power through it. Delvin struggled much less, however, so he prevailed. If Caleb had been more able to hold his own, there may have been a Steal with his name on it, but his performance was full of holes, so to speak. So it was back to the donut shop for Caleb.
WINNER: Delvin Choice

TEAM BLAKE: Megan Rüger vs. Ria Eaton
Boooooo: Another pair of great singers forced to compete against either. Double boooooo: And they were part of a montage, so we didn't even get to see their full battle of Avril Lavigne's "My Happy Ending." Ria, who I thought had a lot of promise, went home. Maybe if we'd seen all of this performance, we'd have a better idea of what went wrong for her. I like Megan, but I was not happy with this ending.
WINNER: Megan Rüger

TEAM SHAKIRA: Ddendyl vs. Lindsay Pagano
Ddendyl made a big impression on me in the Blind Auditions. Lindsay I barely remembered, except for the fact that her name sounded like Season 2's Lindsay Pavao but she was not nearly as cool. On Tuesday, these two sang a few montaged seconds of "I Feel the Earth Move" and I was mostly unmoved, but based on their past performances, I'll say Shakira made the right decision by keeping Ddendyl.
WINNER: Ddendyl

TEAM BLAKE: The Brothers Walker vs. Morgan Wallen
This one hurt my soul. Really? Two of my favorite contestants in all of Season 6, sparring in the ring together? And no one steals the Walkers? And they get montaged, so the Brothers don't even get a proper goodbye? Come on, NBC, you know this was not right. Over the three hours of "Voice" programming this week, we saw only about 15 minutes of actual singing. Surely there was some wiggle room to give the Brothers Walker the screentime they deserved.
WINNER: Morgan Wallen

Here's some behind-the-scenes Brothers Walker video to ease your pain:

TEAM USHER: Brittnee Camelle vs. Melissa Jimenez
This was a diva battle royale: two powerhouses, guest-mentored by Jill Scott, talking Melanie Fiona's "Give It to Me Right" to church. There was no denying the talent of both ladies, but I thought it was Brittnee who owned this performance. Brittnee may not have hit that a big glory note at the end, like Melissa did, but she had such stage presence that Melissa all but disappeared for me. And I thought Melissa's "astonishing" wailing at the end of the song was just plain showing off, anyway. (Even Blake said it was an act of "desperation," although he oddly acted as if that were a good thing.) That big show-off note was enough to impress Usher, though, so he went with Melissa. But just when I was about to get all worked up all over again, both Adam and Shakira went in for the Steal. Phew. Brittnee, wanting to win, of course, signed up with the coach with the proven track record — Adam, of course. Let's just hope for her sake that Adam doesn't put her up against one of his frontrunners in the Knockout Rounds. But…he probably will.
WINNER: Melissa Jimenez
STEAL: Brittnee Camelle moves to Team Adam

Join us next Monday, when the battles rage on…and I'll probably rage a bit as well. And make sure you turn int hr following week, March 31, when the frontman of a little band you ay have heard of called COLDPLAY joins in on the fun! See you then:

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