Tomas Tatar, Darren Helm resolve lawsuit over noise issues, avoid eviction

Back in late March, Tomas Tatar and Darren Helm found themselves in a bit of a spot.

The foremost concern, of course, was that the pair ran the risk of playing for the first Detroit Red Wings team in over two decades to miss the playoffs.

And then, to make matters worse, they were hit with an eviction lawsuit.

Helm's condo in Royal Oak, Michigan, which was being subletted by Helm, had become the source of frequent and excessive noise, including loud music and banging on the floors and walls (presumably the literal kind of banging, not the Shaggy "It wasn't me" kind), between the hours of midnight and 4 a.m.

Those are the hours when people like to be asleep. Hence, a lawsuit was filed, and Helm and Tatar were asked to vacate the premises.

But, much like the Red Wings were able to keep their playoff streak alive, so too were Helm and Tatar able to salvage their living quarters. The issues have been resolved, and on Thursday, the Detroit News reported that the lawsuit was dropped like it was hot.

(I know that phrase doesn't normally apply to lawsuits. I think it should. Let's make it a thing. Let's make lawsuits cool again, guys.)

While the association behind the lawsuit refused to release any specifics about the agreement, we can safely infer that Tatar and Helm promised to give the good people of the Royal Oak condominum complex quieter tenant. Additionally, Tatar will probably end his habit of "routinely parking his vehicle in parking spaces inside the private parking lot designated for short-term guest parking."

That's annoying. And it's especially annoying when it's the d-bag who clearly thinks the rules doesn't apply to him because he can afford an expensive Jaguar:

Tomas Tatar's Jaguar.
Tomas Tatar's Jaguar.

We get it. You have the money to find happiness in extravagant items. Well, some of us don't, so we have to settle for spending time with friends and family. AND WE'D LIKE THEM TO HAVE SOMEWHERE TO PARK WHEN THEY VISIT.

Anyway. Congratulations to Tomas Tatar on turning over a new leaf.