San Jose Sharks are back; hence, so are their awesome commercials (VIDEO)

Puck Daddy

From Slappy the Flatulent Dummy to the worst holiday carols ever recorded, the San Jose Sharks have given us many inventive (well, for the NHL) commercials through the years.

How do the Sharks intend to break through the lockout malaise and get fans back into the Shark Tank? Why, with some classic slobs vs. snobs comedy, of course!

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That was one Kenny Loggins song and a fat guy doing a cannonball into a swimming pool away from being a Rodney Dangerfield movie…

So this is a promising start for those ad wizards in San Jose. Although Leahy noticed something rather curious about this commercial …

…wait, is that ….


He's totally infamous for tripping other board members while seated at his desk ...

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