P.K. Subban is about to get fired from his job at Boston Pizza (VIDEO)

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Shortly after the lockout began, an unemployed P.K. Subban released a video resume, hoping to find some alternative employment to keep him busy.

It totally worked. This fall, Subban has landed brief gigs as a host on CBC's This Hour Has 22 Minutes, as a weatherman for the CTV Montreal and, as this latest video from CBC's George Strombolopolous shows, as a staff member for Canadian restaurant chain Boston Pizza.

"Enjoy the pizza, bud." Subban needs to start saying this as an interview signoff.

Scott Oake: Thanks for your time, PK.

Subban: Enjoy the pizza, bud.

Now, I'm going to be honest: I know his boss -- Jim Treliving of CBC's Dragon's Den -- seems to feel Subban isn't cutting it, but the Habs blueliner seems pretty well-suited for this job to me.

There's no doubt he works hard. He's bartending, cooking, and serving, which means he's doing three separate jobs.

I mean, sure, his dedication to the Canadiens is affecting his customer service, but apart from intentionally spilling that one Leafs fan's beer and arranging the pepperoni on that pizza to look like the Canadiens logo, he's giving it his all.

And frankly, I think even the Montreal fan should be upset with the way Subban served that beer. It was only three-quarters full! Do you know what a beer costs in Canada? Enough that you will to fight for the right to a full one. Next time, beer me to the brim, Pernell Karl.

Granted, P.K. removes pizzas from the oven and serves them with a hockey stick, but that seems like a simple fix: show some leadership and take his hockey stick away. If you ask me, the real issue here is at the management level. In this way, I'm sure Subban feels right at home.

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