Man falls asleep on ice resurfacing machine during AHL intermission (Video)

On Tuesday night, the Charlotte Checkers of the AHL hosted the Norfolk Admirals. As many teams do, the Checkers invite fans to ride on the ice resurfacing machine (Zamboni, the Zamboni people reminded us via email, is trademarked) to keep things trademark generic). It’s the thrill of a lifetime, a moment some fans would never forget.

Or a chance to take a nap.

As captured on this short YouTube clip, a fan caught flies as the ice was resurfaced. Some fans – like Joe Hospoder, who hipped us to this story – wondered if it was a dummy or mannequin. Others probably wondered if this was narcolepsy at best or rigor mortis at worst.

So what was it? We asked the Checkers, and they said:

“He was just messing around. Did it the whole ride, but popped up right after.”

OK, then kudos to you, sir. That's ... well, that's a unique sense of humor you got there.

Whew. That’s a relief. For a second, we thought we were watching “Weekend at ‘Boni’s.”