Jonas Hiller’s new mask is awesome, because it borrows from his other awesome masks

Jonas Hiller's masks are always memorable. Two seasons ago, he went way outside the box with the matted, DIY-looking, all-black mask from Airxess.

For the upcoming season, Hiller has continued his relationship with the Swiss designers, even paying homage to their past work with a mask that references both the Darth Vader look and the sweet mask with the metallic Swiss crosses he wore at the 2010 Olympics.

Here are those two masks, submitted for contrast:

A reference to Hiller's Olympic performance is appropriate, since one look at the Ducks' blue line tells you that, just like in 2010, he'll be on his own.

I kid. Moving on.

It's not all recycled content, though. There are some new flourishes as well, most notably, the gold stripes on the top of the mask.

From Padstracker (who has more photos of the mask, so go there):

On this particular mask, all of the gold Ducks logos, plus the stripes on the crown, include a cool reflective gold effect, courtesy of Airxess' Dan "The Man" Bongni. Alec made sure to mention that those were Dan's specialty, and as you can see, Bongni certainly mastered them on Hiller's new mask.

"The contrast of the gold on the flat black background will kick ass on TV," Alec said. "Around the icons, there is even some shiny black paint, which gives the gold logos a cool 3-D effect and appearance. "

OK, I wish I didn't have to wait months to see that on TV. Hey NHL, NHLPA, if you could stop the lockout, that'd be great, m'kay?

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