Help Backes, Oshie and Pietrangelo find their missing Sochi Olympic bags

Blues Bag Missing

The St. Louis Blues have put out an A.B.B. – an All Bags Bulletin.

Center David Backes (USA), winger T.J. Oshie (USA) and defenseman Alex Pietrangelo (Canada) are all missing team bags from the Sochi Olympics.

They actually made it back to the U.S., where the Blues say FedEx picked up the luggage at Newark International Airport in New Jersey. But only 18 of the 21 pieces of luggage were returned to the team.

One of the bags contained a significant amount of Team USA autographed memorabilia belonging to Backes that he planned on using for a charity event this month. (And who wouldn’t want to bid highly to commemorate our fourth-place medal?)

If you have any information about the bags, please send it over to Dan O’Neal of the Blues at DO'

Obviously we’re happy to hear that the missing bags didn’t contain a gold medal. Or a puck used to beat the Russians in a shootout. Or, like, 10 dogs, in another player’s case.