ESPN’s Michelle Beadle accepts Jack Jablonski’s radio prom-posal

Attending prom is a rite of passage experienced by millions of teens each year. For Jack Jablonski, his prom, or more specifically, his prom date will trump them all.

Jablonski co-hosts a weekly radio segment "Hockey Night in Minnesota", and ESPN personality Michelle Beadle was scheduled to make her second appearance on the show. Knowing the teen's soft spot for Beadle, Jablonski's co-hosts playfully teased him about his crush before she came on air.

Little did listeners know the guys had something bigger planned.

A few minutes into the segment, Jablonski asked Beadle if she would be his date to prom, and she enthusiastically accepted the invite.

This isn't big news only because of Beadle's celebrity status. Jablonski is just three years removed from a check into the boards that left him paralyzed from the chest down. The sports community wrapped their arms around Jack and his family after the accident and haven't let go.

Later in an email to Larry Brown Sports, Beadle reflected on the day's events:

“I know that [Jack's] a badass and someone I look up to immensely ... I was shocked when he asked today. And I adore him for doing it live on the radio. I’m honored to squeeze my 38 year old behind into a formal gown for a great night!”

Many guys have difficulty mustering up the courage to ask the cute girl in their biology class to be their date. Jack asked a celebrity on live radio. That is pretty badass.