Did James Neal suffer his injury playing wiffle ball?

For the first time since Francisco Cabrera's game-winning single eliminated them from the 1992 National League Championship series, the Pittsburgh Pirates are in the MLB playoffs. It's like a bizarro world. Suffice it to say, the good people of Pittsburgh are excited.

That includes the hockey team, and last week, the Pittsburgh Penguins decided to show a little support for their baseball brethren in the form of an on-ice game of wiffle ball. It was all in the name of good, harmless fun:

Well, mostly harmless.

James Neal tried to play in the Penguins' season-opener, but left the game early and didn't return? He's now week to week with a mysterious injury, which, according to Pittsburgh radio's David Todd, may be wiffle ball-related:

If this is true, it's up there with Sami Salo tearing his Achilles playing floorball, Brent Sopel putting his back out picking up a cracker, and Dustin Penner doing the same as he sat down to eat some delicious pancakes. What a way to go down.

Rob Rossi says it's not true, however.

That said, the Penguins have yet to offer an alternate explanation, and so long as they don't, we're sticking with wiffle ball. Tell us your story, Penguins. The people need to know.

Another thing the people need to know: Is it wiffle ball or whiffle ball? This is important.

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