Claude Giroux arrested for copping a feel in Ottawa

Claude Giroux was arrested on Tuesday night in Ottawa. It was for an incident involving a police officer.

According to the Ottawa Sun, it was a holding penalty:

Although few details were immediately available, a source said Giroux was arrested for repeatedly grabbing the buttocks of a male police officer. 

Claude, dude, they’re supposed to give YOU the cavity search…

Witnesses say that the incident occurred outside The Great Canadian Cabin, which might be the most Canadian sounding bar outside of Mississauga’s The Mountie Beaver. Police refused comment to the Sun unless charges were formalized, but a police source says Giroux is expected to be released on Wednesday without any criminal charges.

In a Shyamalanian twist, sources tell the paper that they believe “alcohol was involved.” So perhaps Giroux will spend the offseason vacationing on Dry Island.

No word if he suffered any damage to his wrist, hand or fingers, and thus adding to the ever growing tradition of bizarre offseason injuries like “shattering a golf club and requiring finger surgery.”

Giroux, 26, is known for his crack offense, always finding a hole, and firm defense, always applying backside pressure. He’s beloved by Flyers fans for his cheeky disposition and for always giving their opponents a handful.

As one of the NHL’s brightest stars, hopefully this is just a rump in the road. It would be a shame if he suddenly hit bottom. A bit of a bummer, actually.