Blackhawks Stanley Cup bar crawl: Patrick Kane’s unicorn head, Toews’ big bubbly bottle (Video)

“Dude, I Was At The Bar And The Stanley Cup Showed Up!” stories are pretty much the best thing to happen on a local level after a team wins the NHL’s postseason crown, second only to the parade itself.

The Chicago Blackhawks brought the Chalice to Chicago’s bars on Tuesday night.

Champagne was sprayed. The Cup was raised. And Patrick Kane wore a unicorn’s head at Rockit Bar.

“My Little Kaney.”

Don’t let the Bronies know.

Coming up, Jonathan Toews pounds a large bottle of champagne, Andrew Shaw crowd surfs and Corey Crawford gets love.

Ladies and gents, more Jonathan Toews dance moves and a rather large bottle of champagne that nearly drowns him:

Meanwhile, here is more Blackhawks fun from Rockit, including some Andrew Shaw crowd surfing. NOT THE FACE! Go to 3:30 mark for the real party.


Yes, that was the awesomely clichéd singing of “We Are The Champions” you were hoping it was.

People took shots from atop the Stanley Cup:

Which is a nice workaround from drinking from it.

Finally, here’s a more wholesome moment, as Corey Crawford is mobbed by fans who chant ‘MVP’ for him (video).

Here’s DNAInfo on the Blackhawks’ Cup crawl:

Virtually the entire Blackhawks team poured into Billy Dec's Rockit Bar & Grill, 22 W. Hubbard, and delighted fans waiting outside by hoisting the Cup from an upstairs window.

It got wilder ... and wetter, too.

Several Hawks uncorked champagne bottles and soaked the crowd below, setting off huge cheers.

As the crowd swelled on Hubbard, the Cup emerged from the bar, with the Hawks defenseman Brent Seabrook holding it over his head as he waded into the crowd.

Goalie Corey Crawford wasn't shy either, whooping it up with fans on the street after he left the bar.

The parade and party is on Friday at Grant Park.