Australian hockey players prove their bravery by getting waxed (Video)

Makes sense.


Makes sense.

The CBR Brave are an aptly-named club in the Australian Ice Hockey League. Here's how brave they are: back in February, after their owner announced that he would be folding the team, a group of players stepped up to take over the franchise. (We covered that incredible story here.) That took bravery, so when the move went through, and the team needed a new name because the owner refused to relinquish the trademark, the Canberra Knights opted to become the CBR Brave.

But it's not enough to be brave just one time. Bravery must be constantly proven, ideally with feats. Which is why the players recently set out to test their bravery by getting their bodies waxed. There's a video, and it's great. Warning: man-ass.

"If you lose a nipple, you win." That's a good rule. It's also true in other walks of life, I'd say.

Congratulations to Mike Giorgi, the bravest of The Brave. His reward is that he's ready for swimsuit season. Too bad it's winter in Australia right now.

s/t to Kukla's Korner.

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