Andrew Ference goes home, signs with Oilers for four years, $13 million

Andrew Ference was disappointed when the Boston Bruins informed him that he wouldn't be wearing the spoked B next season. Boston had become his second home.

Fortunately, his first home has a team too. The Edmonton native has signed a four-year deal, $13 million deal to join the Oilers.

If you're wondering whether the hometown connection played a role in his decision, here's Ference's first tweet after the signing was announced:

That's a yes.

From a personnnel standpoint, it's a great signing for the Oilers. Their backend has been sorely lacking in, well, most everything Ference brings. He'll provide a steadying, veteran, shutdown presence to the group that will improve and help to mature that young blueline.

Financially, it's a steep deal. The cap hit is fine, but for four years? When this deal expires, Ference will be 38.

That said, when someone actually wants to come to Edmonton, you make that happen.

And we'll ignore the irony that the league's biggest proponent of green living and renewable energy just signed with a team named after the oil industry...

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