Youth basketball player unveils glorious flop that rivals LeBron James' best

This video of a youth basketball player is making the rounds under headlines like "Worst Flop Ever," but it may just be the most glorious flop in hoop history. After all, he got the whistle and some payback. All we have to go by is this YouTube description: "Player gets mad due to broken ankles so he decides to flop."

Well, that and the fantastic cackling soundtrack from whoever filmed it.

And who can blame the youngster? He's only taking a cue from the best players in the game. Boston Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo just received a warning from the NBA for his spectacular flop against the Atlanta Hawks on Wednesday. And Miami Heat superstar LeBron James is notorious for flopping.

But this kid might just take the take. Let's appreciate his flop in all its glory.

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