Washington football coach Steve Sarkisian is now youth football announcer Steve Sarkisian

Cameron Smith
Prep Rally

What do big time college football coaches do on their rare weekends off? One of them spends his time behind a microphone preparing for a play-by-play career after coaching by announcing your son's youth football game.

During Sarkisian's weekly Thursday pre-game press conference, the Huskies head man told the assembled media that he was planning to spend his free Saturday away from college football by spending more time at football. In this case, he'll be taking in his son Brady's youth football game in a most active way, serving as the stadium's announcer in Bellevue, Wash.

Here's what Sarkisian told reporters, including the Seattle Times' Adam Jude:

"I'm fired up for it," the UW coach said after practice Thursday. "I told my wife that I wanted the bio on every guy, what his hobbies are, nicknames, all sorts of stuff."

If Sark is looking for favorite foods, here's a hint: Just guess pizza, ice cream or chicken nuggets. He'll have a better than 50 percent chance of being right.

It's nice for a coach to spend his time away from the field with his family, and it's a lucky break that Sarkisian won't be caught in the middle of his job during his son's first tackle football game.

We just hope that he takes it a bit easy on the player bios. No one needs to know that the right tackle for the Junior Wolverines weighs 65 pounds and enjoys social studies and fruit punch juice boxes.

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