Top Kentucky football prospect receives 262 Notre Dame recruiting letters in a single day

Cameron Smith

Kentucky defensive tackle prospect Matt Elam received 262 letters from Notre Dame in one day — Twitter

Matt Elam isn’t a teen with a lot of free time on his hands. He's a football star for John Hardin High in Elizabethtown, Kentucky. The defensive tackle also has to keep up with his schoolwork while also taking official visits to many of the nation’s top football programs on the weekend.

However, it looks like Notre Dame wants to add a lot of deep reading to his to-do list. On Tuesday night, Elam received a whopping 262 letters from the Fighting Irish.

This isn’t the first time that Elam's mailbox has been stuffed full of recruiting mail. In July the University of Kentucky sent Elam 182 letters in one day. Evidently this means that Notre Dame wants him more? For that matter, why is Elam the prospect that everyone wants to bury under a mountain of mail?

According to Elam's Twitter message accompanying the picture of his mass mailing, Notre Dame called the mailing tactic his "pot of gold." Elam’s previous 182-letter dump from Kentucky was believed to be an all-time record for most recruiting letters received in a single day, so it stands to reason that his 262-letter deluge would also be a record.

We have no idea how long it took to draft all of these hand-addressed letters, but we hope that whichever Notre Dame intern or recruiting coordinator did it is spending plenty of time on hand-therapy exercises. They'll need them to keep in shape as recruiting season heats up heading toward National Signing Day.

For the moment, Elam is still focused on his current team, with John Hardin heading into a Class 2A playoffs third round game against Bullitt East (Mt. Washington) on Friday night.

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