This is how you unknowingly score a basket that makes the crowd go insane

Prep Rally

At the end of this YouTube clip, Fairport (N.Y.) High sophomore Matt Keenan is still rubbing his head, seemingly trying to figure out how the heck he just scored his only points in the paint all night.

Likewise, Rush-Henrietta (N.Y.) senior center Will Hall (00) was left scratching his head after his attempt to corral a rebound bounced 25 feet off Keenan's head and through the basket (h/t Bob's Blitz), sending the hometown crowd into a frenzy normally reserved for backboard-shattering dunks and buzzer beaters.

The best reaction, though, comes from Rush-Henrietta's Darrell Barley (20), who watched the whole thing happen and just sat there stunned for a moment -- the appropriate response when a team that ultimately beats you by 25 points starts raining baskets off their noggins. The remaining six of Keenan's eight points came on a pair of 3-pointers, and we're left to assume he scored them without the use of his hair.

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