In Tennessee, Webb’s Feet are the best by a stretch

Cameron Smith
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Yup, this is the Webb Foot. For the Webb Feet. — The Webb School
Yup, this is the Webb Foot. For the Webb Feet. — The Webb School

Tennessee is the Volunteer State. Evidently plenty of people were happy to volunteer new and novel mascot ideas, but Tennessee is absolutely chock full of unique school spirit nicknames. Still, of these mascots, there could only be one clear winner. And there's no debating which school was that winner.

It's not enough that The Webb School is located in Bell Buckle, Tenn. No, Webb had to go and pick one of the most brilliant mascots in the nation. If you cheer for Webb, you cheer for the Feet. Really. The Webb Feet. This is not a joke. As noted by MaxPreps, the school -- which is the nation's oldest continually operating boarding school, was actually conceived as the Webb Scholars, and played as the Scholars for quite awhile.

Eventually, the Scholars gave way to the Feet, and a cult mascot following was born. After all, it's hard not to get excited about pulling for a team called the Feet.


Other Great Tennessee Mascots of Note:

Chattanooga (Tn.) Girls Prep isn't a traditional girls sports school. Rather, it competes with one of the least feminine nicknames possible, after taking on the moniker of the bruisers. The Girls Prep Bruisers. No sissies need apply.

The Turkeys might not seem like a particularly unique mascot … but they are. The Memphis (Tn.) St. Mary's Episcopal School teams compete as the Turkeys, and they're the only school in the entire nation to do so.

Maybe it has something to do with the fact that turkeys have taken on a bit of a negative connotation in these days of domesticated turkey lunchmeat.

Or maybe people just don't want to feel like Thanksgiving year round. Whatever the reason, the only high school turkeys reside in Tennessee, in Memphis specifically.

Harrison (Tenn.) Chattanooga Central High earned its nickname the way so many others in different states did: It was given to them by a particularly descriptive sportswriter. According to MaxPreps, the Chattanooga Central squad was so dominant in the 1930s that they obliterated all their opponents, or pounded them, if you prefer. Hence the Chattanooga Central Pounders, the only Pounders in America.

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