Teens claim to hit ‘luckiest basketball shot ever’, and they might be right

Cameron Smith
Prep Rally

The official YouTube title of the video you see below is "World's Luckiest Basketball Shot." Prep Rally is tempted to say that they're not over-selling their feat.

What Prep Rally knows about the primary actors in the video above is about as much as everyone else does. According to Good Morning America they're teenagers from Connecticut -- Liam McCaffery and C.J. DeAngelis -- and they clearly spent an extraordinary amount of time attempting bizarre trick shots. Eventually, they hit the shot in this highlight clip, then celebrated with as much youthful exuberance as one would imagine.

The fact that they connected on the shot is pretty remarkable in itself. The space hopper use is unique, as is the three-bounce, off the house, through-the-hoop trajectory.

What is more odd is why the video seems to be picking up steam again online now. It was originally posted in May, but has been linked on multiple sites this week alone.

Now, it's being featured here on Prep Rally. For good reason. Given how long it probably took to hit that circus shot, those kids deserve every cameo they get.

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