Soccer players, including potential valedictorian, expelled for disgusting alleged hazing incident involving human waste

Cameron Smith
Prep Rally

A group of Southern California high school athletes are accused with an appalling and disgusting acts of human behavior in recent memory after they allegedly hazed their freshman counterparts with acts of degradation involving human waste during a team trip to Hawaii.

As reported by CBS Los Angeles and a handful of other LA-area sources, three varsity soccer players from Rancho Santa Margarita (Cal.) Santa Margarita Catholic High were expelled for allegedly hazing four of their freshman teammates when on a team trip. According to CBS Los Angeles’ Michele Gile, the hazing actions involved the senior players urinating on their teammates and then striking them with a bag filled with human feces.

“There was hazing, like freshman initiation,” Santa Margarita Catholic student Dan Helms told CBS Los Angeles. “It was really bad.”

If those allegations are true -- which has yet to be proven -- then the hazing was outright horrible. The alleged hazing is currently under investigation by the Orange County Sherriff’s Department, but the fact that the three players in question have already been expelled from the school speaks volumes about the Catholic institution’s determination of their involvement in some illegal activity.

A spokesman from the Catholic Diocese of Orange read only that, “The incident did not involve anything related to public safety. It is being dealt with according to school policies and procedures.” The Diocese has said it will not offer further comment on the alleged hazing incident.

That’s not the case for parents of the victims, who were stunned at the actions of the seniors, one of whom was allegedly in the running to finish the year as the school’s valedictorian.

“I feel very troubled by it. But I’m glad that the school is taking action to make sure that it doesn’t happen. I don’t know if the school was aware that it was happening; I don’t think they did,” said Alma Helms.

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