Sam Fuld, Rays outfielder, spent his day off practicing with his former high school team

Cameron Smith
Prep Rally

Most professional athletes use their day off to sit and relax, whether they focus their attention on movies, video games or other more productive efforts. Rays outfield Sam Fuld takes those productive efforts to a new level.

Sam Fuld, in a navy winter hat, still fits in with the Phillips Exeter baseball team — Twitter
Sam Fuld, in a navy winter hat, still fits in with the Phillips Exeter baseball team — Twitter

As noticed by USA Today, Fuld spent his day off before Tampa’s series in Boston practicing with his former high school squad at Phillips Exeter. Fuld tweeted a photo of himself with the Phillips Exeter squad, which you can see above.

Before anyone worries that Fuld was jet hopping on a single day off just to get in more batting practice with a bunch of high school kids, Exeter’s location made the impromptu practice appearance an easy feat. Phillips Exeter is located in Exeter, N.H., approximately one hour from Boston.

Fuld’s hometown of Durham, N.H. is even closer, sitting just 23 minutes away, so it’s likely that the Rays outfielder grouped a trip home with his trip to his former baseball stomping grounds.

Of course, Fuld has come a long way since then, to a starting outfield role via the Cubs farm system. Apparently the Exeter facilities have improved in like fashion, as Fuld made clear in his tweet.

“Practicing with the @PhillipsExeter squad, dugouts are looking nice!”

If anyone had doubts about whether Fuld really attended Phillps Exeter, just check out the flawless punctuation on that tweet. No one does that on social media, except those who can’t help themselves. Much like Fuld can’t help but keep playing baseball, even on his day off with a squad that helps jog his happy memories.

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