Romney rally wreaks havoc on Florida high school football field

Cameron Smith

It's often said that in a tight national election, every vote counts. If that is the case, Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney may have inadvertently hurt his own case slightly while he was trying to help it, by leaving behind a seriously damaged high school football field on which he held a rally in the battleground state of Florida.

As reported by the Tampa Bay Times, Romney and his running mate, Republican Rep. Paul Ryan, held a Saturday political rally at Land O' Lakes (Fla.) High, in an area of the state where Republican turnout could have a major impact on eventual electoral votes. You can see video taken from the rally on the field directly above.

While renting out high school fields for Republican rallies is standard protocol, the damage incurred from the rally itself certainly wasn't. According to the Times, the school's football program returned to the field on Monday to find the goalpost on the south end of its field bent completely backwards.

Naturally, the goalpost was rendered unusable and will need to be replaced … on the dime of the Republican National Committee, the organization that rented the field and signed on to a rider acknowledging that it would be billed for any damage on school property.

According to MaxPreps, the damaged goal post is expected to be fixed in time for the Land O'Lakes season finale on Friday. In the interim, the school certainly won't be agreeing to any other political rallies.

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