Rivals suspected of hanging a dead goat from Texas high school football field’s goal posts

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Police in Richardson, Texas, are investigating who might be responsible for hanging a dead goat from the goal posts at the home football field of their Berkner High Rams.

“I’m not going to get into the specific details of this because I don’t want to give it anymore hype than it already has," Richardson police investigator Jonathan Wakefield told The Dallas Morning News, "but we are trying to determine who the owner of the goat is and who is responsible."

Naturally, the investigation began with a phone call from Berkner's athletic department to its counterpart at Plano (Texas) East Senior High, according to the report. Rams band members discovered the goat hanging from its ankles upon arriving at practice shortly after 6 a.m. on the morning of East's homecoming game against Berkner on Friday.

While East indeed slaughtered Berkner, 34-13, at Plano's Kimbrough Stadium that night, there is some question as to whether the goat was already dead or actually killed by those responsible for hoisting the goat in Richardson. Either way, just wrong.

"I actually graduated from Berkner, so I know the longstanding history and rivalry, but it's gone too far," a mother of two band members who found the goat told NBC 5 News.

The City of Rchardson Animal Control removed the goat within a few hours of its discovery, according to The Dallas Morning News. The potential suspects reportedly face a misdemeanor charge of cruelty to a livestock animal.

For clarification sake, a ram is a male sheep, not a goat. While there is such a thing as sheep-goats, there has only been one known male hybrid in human history, so chances are pretty good the perpetrators got this one wrong on so many levels.

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