Overemotional 6-year-old Thunder fan dips into epic meltdown as team drops Game 3

It's hard to beat overly emotional child fans. Of all the recent entries into that particular category, this budding Oklahoma City Thunder fan might be a frontrunner for an Oscar were one to be awarded.

As first noted by Off the Bench's Rick Chandler, the loss was simply too much for a good-hearted, eternally optimistic elementary schooler to take. The 6-year-old began a 4:38 YouTube video with a steely belief that a three was finally going to go in (it didn't) and ended with serious waterworks.

Just think, this was only over Game 3, too! What is going to happen if the Thunder drop the entire series?

The best line of all, of course, is the youngester's newfound hate of LeBron James.

"But you used to like Lebron!" an incredulous Mom reminds her despondent son.

"No, I hate him!"

It probably doesn't help everyone's new favorite Thunder fan that his mini-rant will probably make him an overnight Internet celebrity.

If nothing else, the kid may find himself with a seat at a Thunder game or an Oklahoma City news station, provided the series gets back to Oklahoma City.

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