Oregon QB passes for astounding 288 yards, 6 TDs in a single quarter

Cameron Smith
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Your typical high school football game is a bit higher scoring than most NFL games, and within the different classifications of high school football, 8-man football scores tend to be considerably higher than traditional 11-on-11 contests.

Camas Valley QB Josh Maddox — YouTube
Camas Valley QB Josh Maddox — YouTube

Still, the stats compiled by one quarterback in one quarter of an Oregon 8-on-8 playoff game go beyond the remarkable realm to the outright audacious. His final line? One quarter, 288 yards and six passing touchdowns, all part of a truly unbelievable 66-point first-quarter outburst.

As reported by The Oregonian, Camas Valley (Ore.) High quarterback Josh Maddox played only one quarter during his team's 94-12 victory against Cove (Ore.) High, but he made that quarter well worth it. In the span of just 12 minutes, Maddox completed 9 of 10 passes for 288 yards and all six of his touchdowns. Then he left with the game well in hand, because Camas Valley had already scored a state-record 66 points in the first quarter.

Among those 66 points were 22 in the first 46 seconds, as hard as that may be to believe.

By halftime, Camas Valley led 88-6, meaning that the two teams actually tied 6-6 in the second half, yet Camas Valley still set a state record for most points scored in a playoff game. In total, 11 different Hornets scored in the playoff victory.

If it seems like Camas Valley's explosion came out of nowhere, that's not quite the case. The Hornets set a national season-long scoring record in 2011, racking up 886 points during a 14-0, Class A 8-man state championship campaign, an average of 63.3 points per game.

While no video from Camas Valley's victory against Cove has surfaced yet, you can see the Hornets' offense in action during a 64-6 victory against Powers (Ore.) High in the video directly above.

Incredibly, Camas Valley might already break that record in 2012; through 10 games (all wins), Camas Valley has scored 68.4 points-per-game.

With another 94-point game or two, Camas Valley will almost certainly push it's 2012 incarnation on top of its 2011 record-holders. Still, that might not even be the most daunting aspect of the Hornets' and Maddox's stunning statistics. That's because Maddox is just a junior, meaning that the state of Oregon will have to defend against his attack for another year.

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