Ohio high school holds donkey basketball fundraiser for next year's prom

Apparently, donkey basketball is a thing.

Sylvania (Ohio) Northview High held an annual fundraiser in which juniors at the school play teachers while sitting atop donkeys, according to NorthwestOhio.com. Proceeds go to next year's prom.

And Northview isn't the only school to host such strange events. According to MaxPreps, schools in Colorado, Georgia, Illinois, Oregon and Texas, among other states, have also held similar fundraisers. Websites like DonkeyBall.com offer to provide the donkeys for a share of the proceeds.

It's no surprise People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has taken umbrage with the sport. Th organization reportedly protested last year's game at Northview, but did not show up this time.

"It’s hard to believe that something as absurd as 'donkey basketball' still exists in this day and age, but sadly, it’s true," a page on PETA's website describes. "During these cruel 'games' — which some schools hold as fundraisers — donkeys are dragged, kicked, and punched by participants who have no animal-handling experience."

According to PETA, people in Illinois, Florida and Wisconsin have been injured during these events, because "donkeys who are mistreated or forced into loud, confusing environments can become frightened and may lash out to protect themselves."

It can't be good for the janitors responsible for cleaning up afterwards, either.

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