Little Leaguer called ‘Lil Papi’ engages in epic home run celebration

Cameron Smith
Prep Rally

Ladies and Gentlemen, we present you with your Little League celebration of the week, courtesy of a youngster who plays under the moniker ‘Lil Papi’. How appropriate.

The video you see above, which was first brought to Prep Rally’s attention by Off the Bench, showcases a young Little Leaguer -- there’s no way this kid is older than 10 or 11 -- who has absolutely figured out how to make his girth and compact power stride work in his favor.

What Lil Papi has also mastered is how to make his home run celebrations as dramatic as possible. No sooner than the youngster made contact with the ball than he started a slow stride toward first base, threw up his hands and pointed to the heavens as if he had just won the World Series, tossing some good vibes off his chest to the crowd as he headed to first base.

One brief skip later and Lil Papi was on his way round the bases, eventually concluding his four-base victory lap with a making it rain motion around third and a flourish in which he tossed off his batting gloves and stomped on home plate while being pounded on the head by his teammates.

Whether or not Lil Papi has celebrations of this sort at a higher level remains to be seen. Regardless, he’s figured out how to make the most of his momentary glories on the way up.

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