This high school game in a blizzard was better than Sunday’s NFL snowfests

Cameron Smith

On Sunday the nation was captivated by the snowy, sloppy, slip-and-slide matches that doubled as NFL football games in Philadelphia and Baltimore. In fairness, they were quite entertaining. Still, those NFL highlights can’t compare to this Ohio state title game, which was played in white-out conditions in Canton on Saturday.

MaxPreps dug up highlight footage of Loveland High’s 41-23 Ohio High School Athletic Association Division II state title victory against Glenville High (Cleveland). Loveland jumped out to a 34-0 lead and held on from there, showcasing a remarkable ability to adapt to the deteriorating conditions.

In fact, it's incredible that any of the players were able to stay on their feet at all. When players hit the turf they routinely slid for five yards or more. Need more proof that the weather was dictating the flow of the game? The contest featured seven turnovers.

Snow shovels and plows had to be brought out multiple times to clear yard lines just so the teams could see where they were on the field and the end zones loomed in the distance like pristine blankets of snow.

The best moments of the highlight reel may be the opening frames, when the thick, wet snow can be seen falling in front of a football game playing out behind it. If you mute the soundtrack behind the game highlights, you can practically hear a classic NFL films soundtrack playing behind the slipping and sliding players.

All of the wet weather added a wrinkle to the state championship game that may have altered the game’s competitive platform. If that meant the game wasn’t played on an even footing, it certainly didn’t make it any less entertaining.

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