Florida sophomore somehow escapes multiple sure tackles en route to wild TD run

Cameron Smith
Prep Rally

Say this much about DeShawn Smith: He has escapability.

The sophomore running back for Nature Coast Tech (Brooksville, Fla.) is having a breakout season, and against Pasco High (Dade County, Fla.) he broke out for one of the most unlikely touchdowns you'll see in 2013 at any level.

First, Smith appeared to be wrapped up behind the line of scrimmage. He wriggled free. He tripped and slipped and nearly downed himself on the turf. Somehow he stayed upright.

That's when two different Pasco defensive linemen got their hands on him. In fact, they didn't just get their hands on him, they got their hands all over him. After picking up a belated block on the first would-be tackler, Smith somehow escaped from both. Again.

After that there was no stopping the youngster before he hit paydirt, as even a flying tackle attempt at the goal line only saw him topple into the end zone.

As noted by the Tampa Bay Times, which also brings us a second view of the score below just before the 0:45 mark, the touchdown was a big one for Nature Coast as it scraped out an eventual 29-28 win. The touchdown came with just 2:48 left and it provided the eventual margin of victory.

Smith knew just how important it was, too.

"It's just about how bad you want it," Smith told the Times.

"Score. Just score."

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