Eighth-grade girl drills three-quarter-court buzzer beater

Prep Rally

It's not just eighth-grade boys who drill three-quarter-court miracle shots. And, if possible, this middle schooler has a better buzzer-beating name than the great Easton Gamoke.

Meet St. Louis (Mo.) Green Park Lutheran School's Maddie Horn, who lined this one up like Peyton Manning at the opposite free throw line and ripped it right through the net, except without the ducks. While the appropriate reaction in Minnesota was, "Oh, my gosh," in Missouri you apparently let out a nice double-"yeah," double-"woo" ensemble.

Horn's team went on to defeat Kirkwood (Mo.) Christ Community Lutheran School in the game and win the Trinity Lutheran Girls Invitational (h/t Busted Coverage). No news on whether the other teams just quit on the spot when Horn revealed her sorcery.

And how great of a name is Maddie Horn for a buzzer beater? Might as well start calling them Maddie Horns. (i.e., "Did you see Evan Turner's Maddie Horn the other night?")

The only question remaining is whether she can pull a Holy Gamoke and do it all again.

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