S.C. team scores TD on gutsy 92-yard fake punt

Cameron Smith
Prep Rally

There are plenty of logical times to call for a fake punt. Usually a team doesn't do so when standing inside its own 10-yard line.

That's precisely what Eau Claire High (Columbia, S.C.) pulled off in a matchup against crosstown rival Dreher High (Columbia, S.C.). Trailing 23-0 late in the third quarter, Eau Claire needed a spark to keep them in the game. On fourth down, rather than simply punt the ball away, Eau Claire coach Tyrone Davis made the gutsiest call he could, lining up in a punting formation and then snapping the ball to Wallace Green.

From there, it was all Green, with the speedster slashing and burning his way through the Dreher defense en route to a potentially game-changing 92-yard touchdown.

Or perhaps the play wasn't a designed call at all? The snap was high, and it's possible that Green just ad-libbed the move on his own, eventually strolling to pay dirt before the Dreher defense even knew what really hit it.

Eau Claire rode the sudden surge of momentum to a two-point conversion, cutting its deficit to 23-8, but it couldn't claw any closer from there. Dreher eventually went home with a 44-8 win.

Perhaps Eau Claire just needs to call more fake punts?

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