Black Forest fire’s destructive force captured in captivating picture during prep baseball game

Cameron Smith
Prep Rally

The Black Forest fire in Colorado continues to torch large swaths of land around Colorado Springs, leaving charred land and huge, billowing clouds of ash in its wake. It has forced evacuations, and to date more than 360 homes have been forcibly evacuated.

The Black Forest fire is seen in the back of the Pine Creek baseball diamond — Twitter
The Black Forest fire is seen in the back of the Pine Creek baseball diamond — Twitter

High school baseball games, on the other hand, are not so easily pushed aside, as the photo you see above is powerful testament to.

That powerful image was tweeted out by Peter McEvoy, a sophomore infielder for Colorado Springs (Colo.) Pine Creek High. McEvoy snapped the photo, which is rapidly spreading across social media, during Pine Creek’s 10-0 victory against Greeley (Colo.) West High on Tuesday. As the fires continued, Pine Creek continued playing not only in the morning, but also in an afternoon matchup against Colorado Springs (Colo.) Legend High, which ended in a 2-0 Pine Creek victory.

The Black Forest fire has spread closer to Pine Creek High since that Tuesday doubleheader, so even Pine Creek and its loyal fans would have to temporarily put off action if it had been scheduled for Thursday.

Luckily for Pine Creek, no games have been in the offing, only prayers in hope that the fires won’t continue apace. If they do, McEvoy will probably be there to get the photo again, whether near his school’s baseball diamond or from a much safer distance.

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